Management Consulting

Companies need from time to time to get a fresh view from outside in order to avoid the common pitfall of "doing the things right but not doing the right things". Someone who is an outsider to your company but an insider in best business practice can with a limited effort help you to figure out what measures of priority need to be carried out in a focused way to boost your business. MYConsulting is ready to be your partner of out- and insider.

International Networking

Companies who would like to extend their business from their domestic market to the international market. MYConsulting offers you support in connecting you to the right network, providing the right know-how to make your company an international player. We have extensive experience in the European and Asian markets which could be of great value for you.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales is scientific art or an artistic science. What makes the difference between a super sales person and an averagely good one? MYConsulting has access to, for your business, very valuable experience and know-how in marketing and sales, stretching from consumer goods and services to capital goods and high-tech products and services.

Employee Motivation, Training, Qualification

Your employees are probably your company's most precious asset. Motivated employees can easily be 10 times more productive than the non-motivated employees. It is a mental and psychological process. MYConsulting has the know-how to make your employees motivated. We offer you limited investment to achieve tenfold of productivity improvement. Qualifying your employees and thereby help you to get the right employee in the right position is a way to liberate the embedded potential in your organization with a limited investment. With our training, your employees become more business-minded, more cooperative and contrubutive and naturally your company's output become much higher without adding more employees.

Change of Company Culture

When productivity is not on the level you wish, introducing more advanced IT-systems and tools may not help. Very often the company culture is not favorable for the business. Culture is the soul of your company. It determines much more than many people think. MYConsulting can escort you're a company management to introduce a sustainable culture that boost the business. The effect can be very significant and for many even magical.